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3. Hardware Description Language: SFL

3.1 Description Units
3.2 Subject and Object of Operation
3.3 Definition of External Terminals and Component Elements
3.4 Time
3.5 Value
3.6 Stage
3.7 Segment
3.8 Control Terminal
3.9 Arguments
3.10 Operations
3.11 Unit Operation
3.12 Expressions and Operators
3.13 Referencing Component Elements
3.14 Format of the SFL Language
3.15 Others


The SFL language (Structured Function description Language) describes hardware behavior. This chapter describes the concepts, formats and meanings of various terms that are used in the SFL language.

SFL is not designed to follow and describe existing design methods but to propose and provide a more efficient design method. The SFL language specification has been determined after carefully studying various processing systems (simulator, synthesis system, and test generation system) in order to improve the descriptiveness and the extent of automation with a view to achieving the highest possible design efficiency.